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Here at Lash Artistry Academy, we are dedicated to providing beauticians and clients with the highest quality products and services.

We are based in Kent and offer luxury beauty treatments from our at-home salon, with 5+ years experience we thrive in offering the best possible treatment experiences for our clients.

As well as this, we provide students with 1-1 intensive training courses and offer lifetime support!


Training courses

Lash Artistry Academy offer 1-1, face-face courses in order for you to... 

About Lash Artistry Academy

Welcome to lash artistry academy!

Here is a bit of information about us:

Amber is the CEO and founder of lash artistry academy with over 4 years experiance in extensions, she originally started work in a hairdressing salon where she struggled to find a passion. Amber decided to take a leap and start her own business by doing a lash extension course in London where she instantly found a passion. After qualifying she attended masterclasses to improve her skills and started her own academy and product line.

Gemma is a fully qaulified aesthetician with over 5 years experiance in the industry. Gemma and Amber decided to collaborate and build a wider client base through social media and product selling.

Lash extension specialists